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the art

my photographs fall into several categories.  i have a fascination with street art and strive to capture it's creativity and vibrance.  nature continues to amaze and inspire me - earth, wind, water, and 'fire'.  urban landscapes define the the unique identity of a city or town.  and then there are those pieces that defy categorization....  

there is a purity and rawness to street art.  you never know where you may stumble upon the next masterpiece.  in some instances the art adds a vibrancy and aliveness to an otherwise drab, gray, urban jungle.


i use the term 'urban' very loosely.  it could be a large metropolitan area or a small town.  what they all have in common is a sense of community, aliveness and character.


nature is our maestro and the universe is our canvas.  no matter how much we try our efforts to duplicate its sheer awesomeness somehow fall short.

seriously...allow yourself to be surprised...





there is something compelling about addresses...... 

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